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Collective Cohesion- Koel Gallery

Collective Cohesion is a joint venture between a group of 26 visual artists, who are recent graduates of the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, and myself. This platform was created to collectively reflect on and showcase what we felt were significant transitions in individual art practices, from academia to the real world.

The prolonged state of existence of the pandemic, impacted the individuals’ going through various stages of creative development, as they navigated themselves into a new normal. A series of conversations merged into a visual encounter of mechanisms and forces of what was shared, assigned, observed and sensed during physical isolation. Growth in an alternate online togetherness provided a communal involvement, that might otherwise have been separate. This bound the group in a fluid yet certain form. Here, the platform transformed to support and encourage the group to persevere and remain strong, active and productive.

This body of work preserves distinct trajectories and documents the shared experience of surviving a historical global occurrence.

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